Specialty Drinks

Black & White Lemonade

Made with Bacardi Limon and Torched Cherry it’s refreshing, tart, and sweet. Some say it is Spencer’s best lemonade.

Black & Blue

We’ve been serving up this fruity concoction since the very beginning. It’s a combination of Raspberry Stoli, Blueberry Stoli, and Chambord that is sure to please.

Long Island Ice Tea

Despite the name the drink does not actually include tea. We suggest you drink it slowly!

Mai Tai

There are many ways to make this tropical drink—this is how we do it...3 types of Bacardi Rum, Triple Sec, Pineapple juice and just a hint of Grenadine for that perfect sunset color.


Pale green in color and Lemon-Lime in taste, this is the numero uno drinko. Frozen or on the rocks, its pure relaxation in a glass. Try yours with Patron Silver Tequila for even more enhanced flavor.

White Russian

Have yours the traditional way with Kahlua, Vodka, and Milk, or substitute Vanilla or Cake flavored Pinnacle Vodka for an extra special treat.


enjoy a crisp, fruity selection...or try something a bit more indulgent...


If you are looking for something sweet and tart, this is the martini for you. Made with Dekuyper Sour Apple .

Apple Cider

This martini has a perfect crisp and refreshing cider taste. Served Seasonally.

Classic Cosmo

Made with Absolut Citron, Triple-Sec, fresh squeezed Lime and just a splash of Cranberry juice.


By far our most popular martini! The fruity blend of Orange and Watermelon is surprisingly addictive—try to have just one.

Ice Tea

Just like a refreshing glass of Ice Tea. Try either a Peach or Raspberry variety.

The Black & White

Made with Stoli Vanilla and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur. Finished with a swirl of chocolate.


A chocoholic’s dream! This indulgent drink is made with Godiva Chocolate Vodka, Dark Creme de Cocoa, and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.

Almond Joy

Just like the candy—Coconut and Chocolate Vodka mixed with Dark Creme de Cocoa and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur. Yummy!


This festive Autumn martini is a special recipe including Pinnacle Cake Vodka. Just like Pumpkin Pie in a glass. Served Seasonally.