Vegetarian Entrees

VegetarianJamaican Jerk Hut Ital Stew $14.00

A garden full of vegetables slow simmered with coconut milk and jamaican seasoning

VegetarianOkra Stew $14.00

Tender young okra cooked with caribbean tomato sauce

VegetarianPlantain Stew $14.00

Golden fried plantain simmered in a light and spicy Jamaican tomato sauce

VegetarianSpinach and Groundnut $14.00

A savory stew of spinach, tomatoes and onions in an African Inspired peanut sauce

VegetarianVegetable Stir Fry $14.00

A garden full of vegetables sauteed in a Chinese infused soy sauce

VegetarianVegetable Curry $14.00

curry vegetable simmer in our spicy curry sauce

VegetarianCurry Tofu w/ Butter Beans $11.00

Tofu simmer in our delicious curry sauce

VegetarianBBQ Tofu with String Beans $11.00

Tofu BBQ simmer in spicy Jamaican BBQ sauce