Tandoori Sizzler Mix Platter £14.95

A spicy choice of barbeque meats, poultry and fish

Jhangeeri Lamb Botti £4.75

Small pieces of lamb marinated with yoghurt, vinegar, red chilli, turmeric and spices skewered and cooked in clay tandoor.

Chaapli Kebab (portion) £4.75

Mixture of mince meat, onion, garlic, coriander, dried pomegranate seed, green chilli and our special spices, shallow fried

Darbari Lamb Chops £4.95

Lamb chops marinated along with our chef secret recipe served with tamarind mint sauce.

Kebab e Khaas (seekh kebab) £3.25

Tender rolls of succulent lamb mince with ginger, garlic, green chilli, fresh coriander, skewered & grilled over char grill.

Tanghri Murgh Lazeez £4.95

Chicken drum sticks marinated in cashew nuts, yoghurt cream and spices served traditionally.

Nawabi Murgh Zafrani £4.95

Chicken marinated in saffron, nuts and our chefs secret ingredients.

Reshmi kebab £3.25

Juicy mince of chicken spiced with green chilli, coriander, cashew nut paste and creamed cooked in clay tandoor

Shahi Chicken Boti £3.75

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with red chilli, turmeric and spices, skewered cooked in clay owen.

Kastoori Boti £4.45

Tenderloin of chicken marinated with ginger and garlic, gram flour, fenugreek and topped up with cheese.

Murgh Malai Boti £4.45

Tender boneless chicken marinated with cashew nut paste and cream and cooked in clay tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken Wings £3.45

Chicken with skin marinated and cooked in clay tandoor

Chicken Pakora £3.45

Succulent pieces of baby chicken marinated in our chef,s special spices and deep fried


Prawn Puri £3.95

Spicy prawn on crispy fried puri.

Grilled King Prawn £6.95

King prawns marinated in a yoghurt, herbs and spices cooked over char grill.

Maachli Tikka £4.95

delecious cubes of salmon marinated in Lahori spices, carom seeds, ginger, garlic and yoghurt

Noor e Samundar (masala fish) £4.95

Fresh fillet of cod marinated with an exotic blend of spices and deep fried (may contain bones).

Fish Pakora £4.45

Fingers strips of white fish marinated with mughlai style spices served along with chef special salad.


Vegetarian Mix Platter £10.45

An exotic array of deep fried vegetable delicacies.

Paneer Tikka (Cheese and vegetable 4pcs) £4.25

Cubes of cheese marinated in yoghurt and spice mix, served traditionally.

Aloo & Cheese Tikki £3.45

Homemade cottage cheese mixed with masala mash, coriander , chilli onions and deep fried.

Vegetarian Samosa 2pcs £2.95

Seasonal mixed vegetable stuffed in royal cumin pastry filo, deep fried.

Onion Pakora £2.95

Sliced onions, potatoes, coriander and spices in batter, deep fried.

Samosa Chaat £3.45

Potatoes seasoned vegetables stuffed in royal cumin pastry filo, deep fried served with chaat masala and fresh cut salad.

Vegetable Spring Rolls £2.95

Crispy pancake rolls stuffed with seasoned vegetables deep fried, served with homemade sauce.


Chicken Achari £7.95

Cubes of spring chicken cooked in five spices and pickled gravy.

Chicken Tikka Masala £8.95

All time favourite dish with broiled chicken tikka in a creamy tomato & yoghurt sauce.

Chicken Handi £7.95

Boneless cubes of spring chicken cooked with yoghurt and spices served traditionally.

Chicken Jalfrezi £7.95

Chicken cooked in Lahori spiced sauce along with tomato, peppers garnished with boiled egg, chillies and coriander.

Chicken Karahi £7.95

Supreme chicken on the bone cooked along with fresh tomato pulp, onions, coriander and green chilli on top.

Murgh Makhni £8.75

Prime supreme of chicken simmered in rich tomato gravy.

Chicken Ginger £7.95

Juleinne strips of chicken cooked in rich curry sauce topped with fresh ginger, coriander and green chilli .

Murgh Palak £7.95

Boneless cubes of supreme chicken cooked with spinach

Murgh Mirchi Masala £7.95

cubes of boneless chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic and bullet chillies

Zafrani Murgh £8.95

cubes of boneless chicken cooked in a mild rich sauce along with double cream and saffron

Chicken & Prawn Handi £9.95

A mouth watering combination of chicken cubes and prawns cooked in yoghurt and tomato gravy.

Lamb Haandi £8.95

Cubes of boneless spring lamb cooked with yoghurt and spices served traditionally.

Lamb Jalfrezi £8.95

Boneless cubes of lamb cooked in original Lahori spices with tomato, bell peppers garnished with boiled egg.

Lamb Achaari £8.95

Cubes of baby lamb cooked in five spices and prickled gravy.

Lamb Karahi £8.95

Supreme lamb on the bone cooked along with fresh tomato pulp, onions, coriander and green chillies on top

Lamb Bhindi (okra) £8.95

Lamb and okra cooked with blend of spices, onions, tomatoes and garlic ....garnished with fresh coriander.

Lamb Kerela (fresh bitter gourd) £8.95

Lamb and fresh kerela cooked with tomatoes, garlic and spices ... garnished with fresh coriander.

Keema Mattar £8.95

Mince of lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh coriander and peas served traditionally.

Palak Gosht £8.95

Boneless fresh spring lamb cooked with spinach

Jheenga Masala £9.95

Prawns cooked in rich tomato gravy, spices topped with coriander and green chilli.

Dumm Maachli £8.95

Fresh salmon cooked onions, garlic, carom seed and tomato gravy topped with fresh ginger and coriander.

Rajmaah Masala £6.95

Finest red kidney beans cooked in tomato gravy with butter cream.

Akbari Paneer Masala £7.95

Cubes of cottage cheese and capsicum cooked in tomato gravy flavoured with coriander and garam masala.

Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese) £7.95

Cooked in ginger, garlic, red chilli and turmeric served traditionally.

Seasonal Mixed Vegetables £6.95

Available seasonal vegetables cooked in masala gravy and topped with fresh ginger and coriander.

Chana Masala £6.95

Chickpeas cooked in masala gravy with onion seeds.

Tarhka Daal £6.95

Yellow lentils boiled with turmeric tempered with royal cumin and garlic.

Mattar Paneer Masala £6.95

Fresh green peas and cheese cooked in Lahori spices sauce served traditionally.


Lahori Whole Chicken Karahi (SERVES FOUR) £19.95

Supreme chicken on the bone cooked along with fresh tomato pulp, onions, coriander and green chillies on top

Lahori Lamb Karahi (1KG serves four) £24.95

Succulent supreme lamb on the bone cooked with fresh tomato pulp , onions , coriander and green chilli on top.

Mughlai Chicken Korma £8.95

Boneless chicken pieces cooked with rich creamy sauce blended with nuts and coconut milk.

Nali Gosht Masala (lamb Shank) £14.95

Cooked with own juices pomegranate juice and spices, finish with double cream and saffron.


Lamb Dummphukut £8.95

delicacy of Lamb cooked in chefs secret ingredients, served traditionally.

Nihari £8.95

A speciality of the house, tender lamb shank cooked in rich gravy served traditionally Lahori style

Shahjani Murgh £8.95

Cubes of boneless chicken cooked in Mughal spices with creams, served traditionally.

Maghaz Masala £8.45

Lamb brain simmered in garlic and turmeric cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and chillies

Haleem £8.45

A combination of boneless lamb leg, wheat, lentils tempered with butter ghee and garnished with fresh ginger, chillies and coriander


Steamed rice £2.45

Lemon Rice £2.95

Pilau Rice £2.75

Chicken Biriyani £8.45

Lamb Biriyani £8.95

Vegetable Biriyani £7.95

Prawn Biriyani £10.95


Tandoori Roti £1.00

Tandoori Naan £1.85

Mughlai Sweet Naan £2.95

Roghni Naan £2.45

Lacha Paratha £2.45

Keema Naan £2.75

Garlic Naan £2.45

Kalwanji Naan £2.25

Potato Naan £2.25

Garlic and Coriander Naan £2.65


Mughal E Azam Fresh Green Salad £2.75

Tandoori Chicken Salad £4.25

Tangy salad with shredded tandoori chicken.

Chicken Pineapple Salad £4.45

Creamy rich salad with chicken cubes, diced red apples and topped with pineapple.

Ceasar Salad £4.95

A crispy iceberg lettuce or baby gem lettuce along with Italian Ceasar dressing, grilled breast of chicken, topped with bread croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.


Mini Kebabs £4.95

Chicken Dippers £4.95

Mini Margherita Pizza (serves one) £4.95

Fish Fingers £4.95


Fries £2.45

Cucumber Raita £2.25

Poppadom Portion (2) £1.25

Plain Youghurt £1.95


Bollywood Kulfi £3.50

A distinctive pistachio Kulfi made to a legendary Indian recipe served in a traditional ceramic matka topped with delicious almonds

La Mango Torte £3.25

A mouth watering crumbly biscuit base topped with a luscious frozen mango yougurt ice cream dressing with a sweet mango sauce

Mariya's Tiramisu Torte £3.25

A moist vanilla biscuit base soaked in coffee syrup, filled with delicious tiramisu flavoured ice cream torte and topped with fine Belgian coco powder and Italian chocolate pencils

Strawberry Cheese Cake £3.25

A delightful vanilla biscuit base topped with a smooth ice cream cheesecake flavoured torte filling and topped with a rich fruity strawberry sauce

Nutty Donatella £3.50

A chocolate hazelnut ice cream filled with hazelnut and chocolate chunks, rippled with chocolate sauce, topped with sweet vanilla ice cream, rippled with more luscious chocolate sauce

Meringue Charm £3.25

Dairy Vanilla ice cream with a coffee ice cream centre, coated with finely crushed meringue

Suspense £3.25

Luxury vanilla ice cream enrobed in luscious toasted hazelnut crunch, a true combination for perfect match made in dessert heaven

Turkish Delight £3.25

A classic but truly distinctive Turkish delight ice cream with a soft biscuit base and rose flavoured sauce before being finished with a premium Belgian chocolate ornament

Pingo £2.50

A smooth and delightful vanilla ice cream in pingo toy container for the customer to take away - a real winner with children

Rasmalai £3.25

Soft fresh milk dumplings served with thicken milk and topped with almond or pistachio.

Gulab Jaman (with scoop of ice cream of choice) £3.45

Syrup dipped hot dumplings with crushed pistachio or almonds.

Gajar Halwa (with vanilla ice cream) £3.45

Grated carrots and khoya served hot, topped with crushed pistachio and almonds.

Kulfa Falooda £3.75

A rich creamy homemade ice-cream and noodles served with thicken milk sauce, topped with basil seeds and red syrup.

Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.45

Hot chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ice Cream (double scoop) £3.45


Pinacolada £3.75

Blend of coconut milk, vanilla essence and secret ingredients.

Strawberry Cooler £3.75

Fresh strawberries blended with ice and soda water.

Mango laasi - Glass £3.25

Mango laasi - Jug £7.45

Strawberry laasi - Glass £3.25

Strawberry laasi - Jug £7.45

Laasi (sweet or salty) - Glass £3.00

Laasi (sweet or salty) - Jug £6.45


Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Red Grapes / Pineapple / Pomegranate Juice £3.25


Coke, diet coke, sprite or fanta - Glass £1.95

J20 (apple & mango , orange & passion) - Glass £1.95

Appletizer (sparkling apple juice drink) - Glass £1.95

Shloer (sparkling white or red grape juice) - 750 ml £3.95

Chilled bottled Water (still or sparkling) - 750ml £1.45


Strawberry , Chocolate or Vanilla - Glass £2.95


Cappuccino £2.75

Espresso £2.75

Latte £2.75

Americano (black coffee) £2.45

Traditional English Tea £1.95

Green Tea £1.95

Iced coffee (vanilla ice cream blended with cold milk and coffee) £3.25

Hot chocolate (swiss chocolate blended with hot milk, topped with whipped c £2.75