Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

All starters are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

Tandoori Sizzler Mix Platter £15.45

A spicy choice of barbecue meats, chicken and fish.

Jhangeeri Lamb Boti £4.95

Cubes of lamb, marinated in yoghurt, red chilli and spices, skewered and cooked in a clay tandoor.

Chaapli Kebab (portion) £4.95

Mince meat mixed with onion, garlic, coriander, dried pomegranate seeds, green chilli and our chef's homemade spices, shallow fried.

Darbari Lamb Chops £5.45

Prime lamp chops marinated in our chef's secret recipe and cooked in a clay tandoor.

Kebab e Khaas (Seekh Kebab) £3.25

Succulent lamb mince missed with winter, garlic, green chilli, fresh coriander, skewered and chargrilled.

Tanghri Murgh Lazeez £4.95

Chicken drumsticks marinated in cashew nuts, yoghurt, cream and spices served traditionally.

Nawabi Murgh Zafrani £4.95

Chicken marinated in saffron, nuts and our chef's secret ingredients.

Reshmi Kebab £3.25

Mince of chicken mixed with ginger, garlic, green chillies and fresh coriander, chargrilled and served with fresh cream on top.

Shahi Chicken Boti £3.95

Boneless cubes of chicken marinated in cashew nuts, egg and spices, skewered and cooked in a clay tandoor.

Kastoori Boti £4.75

Tenderloin of chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, fenugreek, gram flour and spices topped with cheese.

Murgh Malai Boti £4.45

Boneless chicken cubes marinated in cashew nut paste, green chillies topped with cream.

Tandoori chicken wings £3.45

Wings of chicken with skin, traditionally marinated and cooked in a clay tandoor.

Chicken Pakora £3.45

Succulent pieces of baby chicken marinated in our chef's special spices, deep fried.

Seafood Appetizers

All seafood appetisers are served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

Prawn Puri £4.45

Spicy prawn masala on a crispy fried puri topped with fresh cut salad and a lemon wedge.

Grilled King Prawn £7.95

Jumbo sized prawns marinated in yoghurt and spices, skewered and cooked in a clay tandoor.

Maachli Tikka £5.45

Delicious cubes of fresh salmon marinated in Lahori spices, carom seeds, ginger and garlic, chargrilled.

Noor e Samundar (masala fish) £5.45

Fresh fillet of cod marinated with an exotic blend of spices and deep fried (may contain bones).

Fish Pakora £4.65

Finger strips of fresh cod marinated in mughlai style spices, deep fried.

Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetarian Mix Platter £10.95

An exotic array of deep fried vegetable delicacies.

Panner Tikka (cheese and vegetable) £4.25

Cubes of cheese marinated in yoghurt and spice mix, served traditionally.

Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) £2.95

Seasonal mixed vegetables stuffed in royal cumin pastry filo, deep fried.

Aloo and Cheese Tikki £3.45

Homemade masala mash, mixed with grated cheese, coriander, chillies, onions, deep fried.

Onion Pakora £2.95

Sliced onions with a balanced mix of potatoes and coriander, deep fried.

Samosa Chaat £3.45

Seasonal vegetables and potatoes stuffed in royal cumin pastry filo, deep friend served with masala chickpeas, yoghurt topped with chaat masala.

Vegetable Spring Rolls £2.95

Crispy pancake rolls stuffed with seasonal sesame vegetables, deep friend and served with our chef's special sauce.

Main Course - Chicken

Chicken Achari £8.45

Cubes of baby chicken cooked in five spices with pickled gravy.

Chicken Tikka Masala £8.95

All time favourite dish with tandoori chicken tikka in a rich tomato and creamy sauce along with bell peppers.

Chicken Handi £8.45

Boneless cubes of baby chicken cooked with yoghurt and spices served traditionally.

Chicken Karahi £8.45

Chicken on the bone. A 'desi' style dish brought to perfection with intense heat in an iron wok (karahi).

Murgh Makhni £8.95

A true Mughlai inspiration, rich in spice, mildness brought by a rich tomato gravy.

Chicken Ginger £8.45

Julienne strips of chicken treated with fresh ginger, coriander and green chilli.

Murgh Palak £8.45

Supreme boneless chicken cooked with spinach and selected spices.

Murgh Mirchi Masala £8.45

A dish with boneless chicken spiced up with bullet chillies, seasoned with fresh ginger and garlic.

Zafrani Murgh £8.95

A mild chicken dish with true Mughlai taste and aroma, brought by saffron and cream.

Chicken and Prawn Handi £10.45

A mouth-watering combination of chicken cubes and prawns, cooked in yoghurt and tomato gravy.

Main Course - Lamb

Lamb Handi £9.45

Cubes of boneless baby lamb cooked with yoghurt and spices, served traditionally.

Lamb Jalfrezi £9.45

Boneless cubes of baby lamb cooked in original Lahori spices with tomato, bell peppers, garnished with boiled egg.

Lamb Achari £9.45

Baby lamb pieces cooked in five spices in a pickled gravy.

Lamb Karahi £9.45

Succulent supreme lamb on the bone cooked in 'desi' masala, topped with green chilli and coriander, brought to perfection with intense heat in an iron wok (karahi).

Lamb Bhindi (okra) £9.45

Lamb and fresh okra cooked with a blend of spices, onions, tomatoes and garlic.

Lamb Karela (fresh bitter gourd) £9.45

Lamb and fresh Kerela cooked with tomatoes and garlic with selected spices.

Keema Mattar £9.45

Mince of lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh coriander and peas, served traditionally.

Palak Gosht £9.45

Boneless fresh baby lamb cooked with spinach.

Main Course - Seafood

Jheenga Masala £11.45

Jumbo prawns cooked in rich masala sauce of tomatoes, coriander and green chillies.

Dumm Maachli £8.95

Fresh cut salmon pieces cooked with onions, garlic, carom seed in a tomato gravy topped with fresh ginger and coriander.

Main Course - Vegetarian Speciality Dishes

Rajmaah Masala £6.95

Finest red kidney beans cooked in tomato gravy with butter cream.

Akbari Paneer Masala £7.95

Cubes of homemade cheese and capsicum cooked in a tomato gravy, flavoured with coriander and garam masala.

Palak Paneer £7.95

Homemade cheese cooked in ginger, garlic, red chilli and spinach.

Seasonal Mixed Vegetables £6.95

A selection of fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in masala sauce.

Chana Masala £6.95

Split chickpeas in a thick masala sauce with selected spices and onion seeds.

Tarkha Daal £6.95

Yellow lentil broth tempered with fried onion, royal cumin and garlic.

Mattar Paneer Masala £6.95

Fresh green peas and cheese cooked in Lahori spiced sauce served traditionally.

Main Course - Chef's Specials

Lamb Dummphukt £9.45

Delicacy of lamb cooked in chef's secret ingredients, served traditionally.

Nihari £8.95

A speciality of the house - tender lamb shank cooked in rich gravy served in Lahori style.

Shahjani Murgh £8.95

Cubes of boneless chicken cooked in Mughlai spices with cream, served traditionally.

Maghaz Masala £8.95

Lamb brain simmered in garlic and selected spices with tomatoes, ginger strips and chillies.

Haleem £8.95

A very old traditional dish with boneless lamb leg and thick broth of wheat and lentils tempered with butter ghee, garnished with strips of ginger, chillies and coriander.

Main Course - Mughal Signature Dishes

Lahori Whole Chicken Karahi (serves four) £19.95

Supreme chicken on the bone, cooked in a 'desi' style brought to perfection through intense head in an iron wok (karahi).

Lahori Lamb Karahi (1kg serves four) £24.95

A lavish dish of succulent supreme lamb on the bone cooked in a 'desi' masala, topped with green chilli and coriander, brought to perfection through intense heat in an iron wok (karahi).

Mughlai Chicken Korma £8.95

Boneless chicken pieces simmered to a rich, sweet, creamy sauce blended with nuts and coconut milk.

Nali Gosht Masala (lamb shank) £14.95

A fresh cut lamb shank, slow cooked in pomegranate juice and selected spices, finished with cream and saffron.


Steamed Basmati Rice £2.45

Lemon Rice £2.95

Pilau Rice £2.75

Biryani (all biryanis served with raita)

A classical dish made with Basmati rice together with all the traditional ingredients and distinctive look and aroma is given by careful use of cinnamon, bay leaf and delicate spices.

Chicken Biryani £8.45

Lamb Biryani £8.95

Vegetable Biryani £7.95

Prawn Biryani £10.95

Fresh from the Tandoor

Tandoori Roti £1.00

Tandoori Naan £1.85

Mughlai Sweet Naan £3.25

Roghni Naan £2.45

Lacha Paratha £2.45

Keema Naan £2.75

Garlic Naan £2.95

Kalwanji Naan £2.25

Potato Naan £2.75

Garlic and Coriander Naan £2.95

Mughlai Salads

Mughal e Azam Fresh Green Salad £2.75

Home style green leaf salad with onions, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled chilli and olives.

Tandoori Chicken Salad £4.45

Tangy salad with shredded tandoori chicken.

Chicken Pineapple Salad £4.45

Creamy rich salad with chicken cubes, diced red apples topped with pineapple, fresh strawberry and a dash of red syrup and pistachios.

Caesar Salad £4.95

A crispy iceberg lettuce or baby gem lettuce along with Italian caesar dressing, grilled breast of chicken, topped with bread croutons and parmesan cheese.

Little Mughals

All served with French fries and coleslaw

Mini Kebabs £4.95

Chicken Dippers £4.95

Mini Margherita Pizza (serves one) £4.95

Cod Fish Fingers £4.95


Poppadom portion (2) £1.25

Fries £2.75

Cucumber Raita £2.25

Plain Yoghurt £1.95

Pickle Tray £1.25

Festival Menu

For parties, weddings and birthday celebrations £0.00

Please discuss. your requirements with us.


Double White Chocolate Fudge Torte £3.75

White chocolate ice cream resting on a chocolate cookie base, drizzled with chocolate with a showering of chocolate fudge pieces.

Velvety Mint Torte £3.75

Irresistible mint ice cream nestling on a chocolate cookie base, drizzled with chocolate and showered with chocolate flakes.

Chocolate Torte £3.75

A chocolate ice cream torte set on a moist chocolate sponge base, topped with a delightful chocolate glaze and a showering of mixed crispy bits.

Bollywood Kulfi £3.95

Made from a precious Indian family recipe, this distinctive pistachio infused kulfi is topped with almonds and pistachios encased into a traditional ceramic matka.

La Mango Torte £3.75

A mouth-watering crumbly biscuit base topped with luscious frozen mango yoghurt ice cream, dressed with a sweet mango sauce.

Mariya's Tiramisu Torte £3.75

Experience our delicious Tiramisu flavoured ice cream torte set on a moist vanilla biscuit base. Dusted with fine Belgian cocoa powder and then finished with Italian chocolate pencils.

Strawberry Cheesecake £3.75

A delightful vanilla biscuit base topped with a smooth ice cream cheesecake flavoured torte filling and topped with a rich fruity strawberry sauce.

Nutty Donatella £3.95

A chocolate and hazelnut ice cream containing real hazelnuts and milk chocolate chunks under a layer or premium vanilla ice cream and then finally topped with a garnish of chocolate flakes.

Pingu £2.95

A smooth and delightful vanilla ice cream in a Pingu toy container for the customer to take away - a real winner with children.

Mughal e Azam Special Desserts

Rasmalai £3.95

Soft fresh milk dumplings served with thickened mile and topped with almond or pistachio.

Gulub Jaman (with scoop of vanilla ice cream) £3.95

Syrup dipped hot dumplings topped with crushed pistachio or almonds.

Gajar Halwa (with scoop of vanilla ice cream) £3.95

Greated carrots and khoya served hot, topped with crushed almonds or pistachio.

Kulfa Falooda £3.95

A rich creamy homemade ice cream and noodles served with a thick mils sauce, topped with basil seeds and red syrup.

Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough £4.95

Classic warm dessert - soft freshly baked chocolate chip cookie dough, served with a scoop of the finest deluccis vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough £4.95

Freshly baked double chocolate chip cookie dough, served with a scoop of the finest deluccis vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.95

Hot chocolate fudge cake with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, served with fresh cream and chocolate sauce.

Spiced Masala Chai

A big flavoured tea £1.95

Swirling with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon and a hint of ginger.

Ice Creams

Two scoops of finest Deluccis ice cream, served with wafer and Italian chocolate pencil.

Chocolate £3.95

Coconut £3.95

Hazlenut £3.95

Fig & Honey £3.95

Mango £3.95

Honey & Stem Ginger £3.95

Strawberry £3.95

Vanilla £3.95

Mint Choc Chip £3.95

Chocolate Chip £3.95


Coco Lada £3.95

There's a party of flavour going on here with a celebration of coconut, vanilla, cream and pineapple.

Passion Tropic £3.95

Abandon yourself to the exotic pleasures of lush strawberry, peach, pineapple and cream.

Sand Island £3.95

Float away to a heavenly idyll of mango, passionfruit, papaya and orange.

Magic Amazon £3.95

Drift along on an enchanting river of kiwi, aloe vera, green apple, banana and orange.

Royal Blue £3.95

Ride the ocean waves with splashes of pineapple, ginger, cactus, lemon and cream.

Virgin Mojito £3.95

A lively salsa with heady rhythms of lime, mint and cane sugar.

Mughal e Azam Exotics

Pinacolada £3.95

Blend of coconut milk, vanilla essence and secret ingredients

Strawberry Cooler £3.95

Fresh strawberries blended with ice and soda water.

Mango Lassi

Glass - £3.45Jug - £7.75

Strawberry Lassi

Glass - £3.45Jug - £7.75

Lassi (sweet or salty)

Glass - £3.25Jug - £6.75

Fresh Lime Juice (shikwanji) - Jug £3.75

Pure Squeezed Juices £3.25

Orange / Apple / Mango / Pineapple

Soft Drinks

Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Fanta

Glass - £1.95Jug - £4.95

J20 (275ml) £1.95

Apple & Mango / Orange & Passionfruit

Appletiser (275ml) £1.95

Sparkling apple juice drink.

Fruit Shoot £1.25

Orange / Blackcurrant

Shloer (750ml) £3.95

Sparkling white or red grape juice.

Chilled bottled water (750ml) £1.45

Still or sparkling.


Strawberry / Chocolate / Vanilla / Mango (Glass) £2.95


Cappuccino £2.75

Espresso £2.75

Latte £2.75

Americano (black coffee) £2.45

Traditional English Tea £1.95

Green Tea £1.95

Ice Coffee £3.25

Vanilla ice cream blended with cold milk and coffee.

Hot Chocolate £2.75

Swiss chocolate blended with hot milk, topped with whipped cream.

Spice Tea £1.95

Tea with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon and a hint of ginger.