A delicious way to start your feast.

VegetarianVeganHerby Red Pepper Hummus

A blend of fresh herbs, chickpeas, and roasted red peppers, with hint of Moroccan spice, served with veg crudites & pittas.

Creamy Smoked Salmon Pate & dill Sauce

Smoked salmon blended with creamy soft cheese, lightly seasoned, served with lemon & Rye Bread.

VegetarianMediterranean Potato Cakes

Potato cakes stuffed with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and Basil.

VegetarianPiedmonte Peppers

Red peppers stuffed & roasted with, tomatoes, garlic & basil with a hint of anchovy for flavour.

Serrano Ham, rocket & feta Platter

A sharing platter of local ham, peppery rocket and feta cheese, with homemade dressing.

VegetarianMackeral & Horseradish Dip

A creamy, rich dip, of smoked mackerel, with a background hint of Horseradish, served with salad leaves & grissini.

Rich chicken liver pate.

A home-made pate, with chicken livers, and a hint of brandy, served with caramelized onions.

Main Courses.

Rich dishes, comfort food, to entice the taste-buds.

Beef Bourginone & Mustard Mash

A rich comforting dish, with full bodied red & tender beef, served with creamy wholegrain mustard mash.

Vegetarian3 Bean Tagine

A filling dish, with hearty beans, chickpeas, white beans & kidney beans, braised in a rich tomato and vegetable sauce, and Moroccan spices, served with cous-cous and minted yoghurt.

Spicy Beef Burrito Bake

Mexican spiced minced beef, wrapped in flour tortillas, and topped with tomato salsa, cheese and baked until melting and golden

Chicken, Brocolli & Mushroom Bake

Chicken, cooked in a creamy sauce, with tender broccoli & mushroom, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese to gratin.

Roasted Garlic Chicken with mediterranean Vegetables

Chicken with garlic, lemon & rosemary, served with roasted potatoes, peppers & courgettes, and caraway seed.

VegetarianAubergine Gratin

Aubergines griddled, then layered with rich tomato sauce, and creamy sauce topped with cheese & baked till oozing.

Harissa prawn stew

A Moroccan inspired dish, plump prawns braised in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with cumin & harrisa, served with Cous-Cous.


Sweet treats & Savoury, to end you meal.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

La Rosilla's 'To die for' chocolate brownie, will satisfy any 'Chocoholic'.

Lemon Drizzle

A light sweet sponge, topped with lemon sugar crust.

Pineapple Platter.

A refreshing end to a meal, pineapple sliced and sprinkled with mint sugar.

Coconut & Cardamon Tart

An usual tart, rich chewy coconut on a shortcrust base, with a hint of cardamon.

Cheese & Membrillo

For the cheese lover, local rich cured goats cheese, served with Membrillo (Quince Jam).


Home-Made & Home Grown extras.

Home-Made Bread, & Salad.

The cost is 25 euros per person for 3 courses . Inc. Home-made bread & home grown salad. *1 Choice of each course per party. Min 2 people. Advance booking required - Delivery Charges may apply.

To Start

Delicious dishes to tickle your taste buds.

VegetarianSpinach Empanadillas

Little pastries, filled with spinach, cream cheese, sultanas & a touch of cinnamon.

Boquerones al Vinagre

Anchovies cured in vinegar, lemon, parsley & garlic, will be enjoyed by all, even the 'I hate anchovies' diner.


A beetroot gazpacho (chilled soup), fabulous colour, hint of vodka - with cucumber & olive garnish.

VegetarianTortilla Esparagos

Spanish omelet, with asparagus, potatoes & onions.

VegetarianChampinones PX

Mushrooms in a creamy sweet PX sherry sauce.

VegetarianPatatas Bravas

Roasted potatoes in a tomato, pimenton, spicy sauce.

Embutido platter

A selection of locally cured meats, to include, chorizo, salchicha, lomo.

Segundo Plato

Our main dishes are inspired by local, seasonal produce, capturing the true taste of Andalucia.

VegetarianBerenjena Guisada

Braised Aubergine in red wine.

VeganLentejas con champinones y Anis

Lentils with mushrooms and Anis.

Arroz de Pollo

Traditional rice dish, with chicken, mushrooms & asparagus .

Albondigas en Salsa

Home- Made meat balls, made with pork & beef mince, lightly spiced, in a rich tomato & herb sauce.

Carne con Chocolate

A satisfying beef stew, with brandy & chocolate to add depth & flavour.

Chorizo y Patata Gratinada

A spicy chorizo & potato bake, filled with Mediterranean vegetables & topped with cheese

VegetarianGarbanzos y espinaca

A mildly spicy, chickpea and spinach recipe served with lemon & cooling yoghurt.


Sweet & Home-Made.

Frutas y Chocolate

Chocolate fondue, with seasonal dipping fruits.

Lazos dulces.

Sweet pastry ribbons, with a dusting of cinnamon.

Ciruelas al horno

Baked plums, with orange flower water & cinnamon - topped with cream.


Home baked lemon little sponges, with a lemon sauce.


Home-made, home grown extras.

Pan & ensalada.

All bookings include, home made bread, local salad or vegetables. 25 euros pp. for 3 courses. *1 choice of each course for each party. Delivered direct to your door. Del. charges may apply. Advance booking required.