Quick Red Crab Thai Lunch

All dishes come with a pork money bag and vegetarian spring roll

L1 Flash in the pan 15.00

Stir fried chicken with cashews and vegetables

L2 Too hot to handle 15.00

Green curry of chicken, green beans and sweet basil

L3 Mellow yellow 15.00

Yellow curry of "fish of the day" with potatoes and capsicum

L4 The 'Greenies' 15.00

Stir fried seasonal vegetables with tofu and sweet soy

L5 Oodles of noodles 15.00

Pad Thai noodles with pork, bean sprouts, peanuts and eggs

L6 Sizzling beef 15.00

Stir fried beef with garlic and pepper sauce

(Jasmine Rice is included except for OODLES and NOODLES)
Thai Issan Lunch

Northern Eastern Thai Cuisine

L7 Grilled free-range chicken strips 15.00

With sticky rice and served with som tam

L8 Moo yang & kao niew 15.00

BBQ pork, sliced with sticky rice and served with som tam

L9 Nua yang & kao niew 15.00

Grilled rump steak Thai Style with sticky rice and served with som tam

(A selection of Coffee & Tea is available)

Roti Bread 3.50

Coconut Rice 3.50

Som Tam (Thai Salad) 5.50

Khong Kin Lhen - Appetisers

A1 : Moo phing

BBQ pork skewers, pineapple and onions

4pcs - 9.50

A2 : Gai satay

Chicken satay skewers (Mild)

4pcs - 9.50

A3 : Thai spring rolls

Stuffed with mixed vegetables and vermicelli noodles

4pcs - 9.50

A4 : Chicken curry puffs

Served with a carrot dipping sauce

4pcs - 9.50

A5 : Fish cakes

With pickled cucumber relish

4pcs - 10.50

A6 : Golden money bags

Lightly fried minced pork, prawns and mixed vegetables wrapped in pastry

4pcs - 9.50

A7 : Goong mapraw

Lightly fried marinated coconut crusted prawns with coriander and lemongrass

4pcs - 11.50

A8 : Tasting platter

A lovely mix of delicious appetisers (Mild)

for 2 - 16.50

C1 : Gaeng kiew whan 20.50

Green curry of chicken, eggplant, kaffri lime leaves and basil (Medium)

C2 : Massaman nua 20.50

Slow cooked beef shin, potatoes and peanuts (Medium)

C3 : Massaman lamb 21.50

Slow cooked lamb, potatoes and peanuts (Medium)

C4 : Panang pedyang 21.50

Red curry of duck, pineapple, grapes, kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream and bird's eye chilli (Medium)

Choice of rice
Jasmine rice - 3.00 | Sticky rice - 3.50 | Coconut rice - 3.50 | Roti - 3.50
Tom soup

T1 : Tom yum goong

Hot & sour prawn soup (Medium)

Medium - 19.50Lagre - 23.50

T2 : Tom kha gai

Creamy coconut Thai soup with chicken (Medium)

Medium - 18.50Lagre - 21.50

T3 : Tom po tak

Seafood soup with prawns, mussels, fish, squid, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves (Hot)

Medium - 19.50Lagre - 23.50
Issaan style salads

S1 : Larb gai 18.50

Spicy minced chicken salad (Medium)

S2 : Yum nua 18.50

Thai beef salad (Medium)

S3 : Larb ped 20.50

Spicy minced duck (Medium)

Issaan grills

North-eastern style BBQ with som tam salad and sticky rice

G1 : Moo yang 20.50

Thai char grilled pork scotch

G2 : Gai yang

Thai char grilled free range chicken

Half - 20.50

G3 : Nua yang 20.50

Thai char grilled beef sirloin

Wok fried

M1 : Pad Thai goong sod 20.50

Thai fried noodles with chicken and prawns (contains nuts)

M2 : Nua pad kapao 20.50

Stir fry beef with basil and chilli (Medium)

M3 : Gai pad met mamuang 20.50

Chicken with cashew nuts and toasted chillies (Mild)

M4 : Emerald duck 22.50

Stir fried duck with seasonal greens and mixed spices (Mild)

M5 : Sweet and sour combination 20.50

Chicken and pork with pineapple, onions and tomatoes

M6 : Hot pot 20.50

Slow cooked caramelised pork belly with sweet soy, star anise and cinnamon sticks (Mild)

M7 : Nua kata 20.50

Sizzling beef, garlic and pepper sauce and seasonal vegetables (Mild)

M8 : Stir-fried pork 20.50

Wild ginger, Chinese honey soy and seasonal vegetables (Mild)

M9 : Stir-fried chicken 20.50

Chillies, sweet basil, honey soy and seasonal vegetables (Medium)

M10 : Pla rad prik 25.50

Fried whole snapper with garlic, chili and tamarind sauce (Medium)

M11 : Pla manao 25.50

Whole steamed fish with lemon, garlic and chili (Medium)


V1 : Tom yum tofu

Spicy tofu and vegetable soup (Medium)

Medium - 16.50Lagre - 20.50

V2 : Green curry of tofu 17.50

Fresh beans, eggplant and basil (Medium)

V3 : Sweet and sour tofu 17.50

With pineapple and onions

V4 : Pad pak 16.50

Seasonal vegetables with cashew nuts and tofu

V5 : Pad Thai 16.50

Rice noodles with fried tofu, egg, cashew nuts and bean sprouts

V6 : Shiitake mushrooms 17.50

Sauteed with mixed vegetables

V7 : Panang tow hoo 17.50

Fried tofu with red curry paste and coconut milk (Medium)

V8 : Lightly fried tofu 17.50

With chilli and basil leaves (Medium)

Red crab - Signature dishes

Crab cakes

With pickled cucumber relish (Mild)

4pcs - 10.50

Som tam 10.50

Green papaya, cherry tomatoes, fresh beans, lime and crab (Medium)

Kratiam bpu 25.50

Crispy crab topped with our own special garlic and pepper sauce with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (Mild)

Soft shell crab 25.50

Deep-fried crab with aromatic yellow curry, egg, celery, onion, spring onion and capsicum (Medium)

Kao pad bpu 18.50

Crab meat with fried rice


K1 : Chicken satay & sticky rices 12.00

K2 : Chicken fried rice 12.00

K3 : Chicken breast strips & fries 12.00

K4 : Fish nuggets & fries 12.00

K5 : Seafood basket & fries 13.00


Spider 4.50

Vanilla ice cream & lemonade

Fruit juice 3.50

Your choice of: Orange | Apple | Pineapple

Soft drinks 3.50

Your choice of: Coke | Sprite | Fanta orange

Pink lemonade 3.50


Banana split 6.50

M & M’S with vanilla ice cream 5.50

Ice cream sundae 5.50

Your choice of: Chocolate | Vanilla | Coconut ice cream and marshmallow

D1 : Traditional fried banana and coconut ice cream 9.50

D2 : Sticky rice and coconut ice cream 9.50

D3 : Cheese cake with vanilla ice cream 9.50

D4 : Black sticky rice and mango 9.50


CT1 : Espresso 4.00

CT2 : Flat white 4.00

CT3 : Cappuccino 4.00

CT4 : Vienna 4.00

CT5 : Latte 4.00

CT6 : Long black 4.00

CT7 : Mochachino 4.50


CT8 : Chamomile herbal tea 3.50

CT9 : Dragon pearl tea 3.50

CT10 : Jasmine tea 3.50

CT11 : English breakfast tea 3.50

CT12 : Peppermint tea 3.50

CT13 : Earl grey supreme 3.50

CT14 : Green tea 3.50

CT15 : Green tea decaf 3.50