Mango Smoothie

Mango Jack rum and melon liqueur come together with mango puree and some secret ingredients for this frozen delight

Moscow Mule

Three Olives vodka with ginger beer served in a copper mug with lime.

Denver Mule

Made just like a Moscow Mule, but with Tin Cup Colorado whiskey instead of vodka.

Orange & Orange

Local favorite that is a mix of Realtree Orange energy drink and Orange UV vodka.

Baltimore Zoo

A high-octane drink made popular in central Illinois in the 1980's, this cocktail features a Long Island base with beer and orange juice. Very refreshing.

Funky Goat

This green monster was concocted in-house for your pleasure. The recipe is secret, but it is a citrus-laden delight.

JD Cider

Peach and Apple schnapps blended with Roaring Lion energy drink and fruit juice, this cocktail has a crisp, cider taste that is truly delicious.

Old Red

Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon muddled with fresh orange and cherry. The Goat twist on the classic Old Fashioned.

Very Berry Daiquiri

A frozen cocktail with a blend of Bacardi Razz and Bacardi O with strawberry and cranberry.

Cortana Lemonade

A truly beautiful cocktail made with Blue Curacao, UV Blue, Lemonade, and Sprite. Wonderful for enjoying on our patio!


Three way combination of Orange, Citrus, and Redberry vodkas with fruit juices.

Pond Water

Features Malibu Rum, Amaretto, and Melon liqueur. Extremely refreshing and tasty. A goat favorite.

Black & Stormy

Featuring Jameson Black Barrel Irish whisky, this is a refreshing cocktail with lime and ginger beer.

Pink Daiquiri

Malibu and Amaretto come together with strawberry, pineapple, and coconut for this tasty frozen beverage.

Frozen Goat

Light, coconutty, with a hint of cherry. Blends of Sweet Lucy bourbon liqueur, and amaretto with coconut and pineapple.

Classic Cocktails

Peach Smoked Manhattan

Featuring Knob Creek bourbon as its base, this Manhattan gets its smoky flavor from the infusion of Scotch Whisky.


Originally concocted in 1922 at the Ritz hotel in Paris, we have revived the original recipe for your enjoyment, featuring Brandy, Cointreu and fresh lemon juice.

Tom Collins

First memorialized in 1876, this drink has been a widely enjoyed cocktail for generations. It features Gin, lemon juice, sugar, and soda water.

Ward 8

Dubbed one of the best cocktails of the year in 1934, this drink was created in Boston in 1898. During prohibition, it became insanely popular at the Quincy House Speakeasy. It features rye whiskey, fruit juices, and is truly a delight.


Blends Bourbon, Dry Vermouth, and fruit juices for a refreshing, tart flavor that was an extremely popular drink in speakeasies across the United States during Prohibition.

Specialty Martinis

Citrus-Infused Martinis

Infusion of vodka, fresh-squeezed citrus shaken and poured into a sugar-rimmed martini glass. Absolutely delicious and refreshing. A Goat favorite.

Effen Dirty Martini

Classic dirty martini made with Effen Vodka.


Rumchata, Honey and Cherry Whiskeys are blended for our house twist on the classic.


Developed for our annual Breast Cancer fundraiser, this is a delightful, sweet, and pink martini featuring Three Olives Vodka.

Pearl Necklace

Blends Three Olives Cake vodka with Frangelico and cream for a smooth, memorable finish.

Caramel Appletini

Blending UV apple and some delicious ingredients results in this delicious masterpiece.