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The easiest way to grow your customers and manage your Restaurant. Check out the most powerful global restaurant platform.

OpenMenu helps restaurants be connected in control social empowered

We are now offering Nutrition Analysis and Nutrition Labels

9000+ ingredients, 700000+ nutrients, we handle it all for you. Now that's powerful!

Increase Customer Exposure

Our menus are designed for exposure. From your website to Facebook to Twitter to mobile, your customers will find you.

Better Menu Control

We take the difficulty out of managing your online menu by providing one of the easiest, and most powerful, solutions around.

Deals and Coupons

Put your deals in front of your customers and potential customers. Your deals, your control, where you want them. Finally!

Socially Connected

Let your restaurant's menu connect with social presence live and in real-time. We handle all the updates for you.

See How Customers Find You

Better information on your customers and your restaurant's online presence. What we know we give you access to.

Easily Go Mobile

Customers will find you on-the-go with the free mobile website we give all restaurants. Powerful enough to run on any device.

Protect Your Brand

Control the colors, fonts and style for your restaurant through OpenMenu. Millions of colors, hundreds of fonts.

Menu Translation

Our one-click menu translator can translate your menus to and from over 60+ languages. Couldn't be easier.

FREE Website

Every restaurant on OpenMenu gets a free website. Powerful, mobile friendly, works on tablets, fully customizable (Sample). Wow!

Understand Your Menu

Complete nutrition analysis for your restaurant's menu with customer friendly nutrition labels.

Know Your Guests

Better tools to understand your guest & understand your restaurant with our Guest Surveys.

Our customers like that OpenMenu is a global easy-to-use powerful centralized Restaurant Platform...

Changing the way restaurants do business online.

now with built-in OpenMenu+ Technology


Our Nutrition Analysis is aligned with the USDA and their message of healthy eating through their MyPlate initiatives.

Know Your Menu, Know Your Customers

better menu analytics with OpenMenu

Real-Time Analytics on how your customers find you. From where your customers are viewing your menu to the most popular times and days your restaurant's menu is being viewed.

Menu Analytics

Giving more so you can make better descisions about your menu...